Mindfulness Meditation Courses

Online Mindfulness Meditation Courses 2021: Sessions to Learn How to Meditate

Practicing Mindfulness.. The Art of Body Mind Well-Being. Science of Happiness in Life! Free from Stress, Worries, Anxiety or Pain! Enjoy Peace! Our Mindfulness Meditation 10 Weeks Course is extremely popular & effective. Course is very well structured on scientific evidences, advanced from Neuroscience & Application (London King’s College IOP), MBCT, MBSR, Compassion Therapy & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This can change your life. It’s a Life skill that Guarantees life time well-being.

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Our 8 Weeks Beginners Mindfulness Meditation Course can change your life..!


Milton Keynes conducts a very popular 8week introductory mindfulness course.

There is no need at all for any previous knowledge or experience of mindfulness.

The sessions are usually led by Bhante Samitha who is a highly qualified and experienced meditator of over 30 years. He is a Buddhist monk but the course is of a secular nature. We usually have participants with highly varied backgrounds, faiths and ethnic backgrounds. Join and see!

Following government guidance, during this very difficult time due to the Corona Virus COVID-19 problems, we have decided to host all our courses online. All the following dates in 2021 are now available for registration…..

January 2021: 07th January  for 08 weeks online Course (20 Places)

March 2021:  04th March  for 08 weeks online Course (12 places)

April: 29th April for 08 weeks online Course (12 places)

June: 24th June  for 08 weeks online Course (12 places)

August: 19th August for 08 weeks online Course (12 places)

October: 14th October for 08 weeks online Course (12 places)

November: 04th November for 08 weeks online Course (12 places)

For registration or for more details, please contact Bhante Samitha on 07944 13 53 14 or 07983 466 105

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A Course! That can Change Your Life!

A Life Time Life Skill!


We share really easy key techniques to Guide Beginners through in Mindfulness Meditation, from step by step, to make them easy to adopt those powerful life changing skills, into the every day life. Mindfulness is a way of life to change unskilful lifestyles and to develop the mind and life with self-esteem and well-being.! It is A Key to unlock your potentials in life!