Every Wednesday 7PM – 9PM

Advanced Mindfulness Course (10 Weeks). Those who have successfully completed the basic introductory course “Beginners’ Meditation Course – Introduction to Mindfulness” (10 weeks), can only join into this course.

Next Advanced Mindfulness Course Starts on: Wednesday 23rd October 2019

(Following Courses: 08th January 2020)

Course Contribution: £120.00

Course Requirements: The Certificate of the Introduction to Mindfulness Beginners Meditation Course.

Those who successfully complete this course in 10 weeks and meet the practice hours requirements will evaluate through an appraisal and award an accreditation CERTIFICATE of the course completion.

We are pleased to facilitate this Advanced Mindfulness 10 Weeks Course in Letchworth. This is an extremely rare opportunity to learn from Bhante Samitha (inspiring and experienced teacher in Mindfulness) and practice with him those essential frames of Mindfulness to deepen the experiential & comprehensive knowledge in Mindfulness.

This course runs 10 weeks comprising of weekly two hour sessions. It is on every Wednesday from 7PM till 9PM. The cost to cover the ground expenses to initiate this course will be minimum suggested donation of £120/= per person for 10 weeks.

The course can only be attended by those who successfully completed (achieved the certificate) the “Introduction Mindfulness Meditation Beginners 10 Weeks Course” with us. During those 10 weeks, we take very intense, sincere and careful attention to deliver in depth a Comprehensive Understanding of Introduction to Mindfulness for beginners. It is like learning the most efficient language to communicate with oneself (life and society we live in) healthily and transcendentally. Then we need to learn the most accurate method of dealing with that life software.

That method is to learn and advance the very important FOUR FRAMES of MINDFULNESS comprehensively. Without which no one gets the right understanding or sensible and practical benefits of Mindfulness in full. Those four frames can only be practiced effectively in the life atmosphere (life atmosphere means = attitude, body mind spirit energy, life feeling, and being mode) or new life we embraced by following the Introduction to Mindfulness Beginners 10 weeks course successfully.

Those who successfully completed introduction to Mindfulness 10 Weeks Course knows how powerful that was and what transformation it gives to our attitude, energy, body mind spirit well-being, and whole life style. If we do not maintain it (new life mindful style) in the same spirit for an adequate (scientifically proven) period of time with regular and accurate manner (structure), we have a high possibility of losing that life bliss and may have to start again. So in that sincere interest, solely on such context, we introduce this course to facilitate the knowledge, experience, impart the accuracy of the technique through dialogues (Q & A to personalize the training to understand better) and period (adequate time to absorb into the life in durable and stable manner).   If you really really keen to learn!, sign up now!

Contents of the Advanced Mindfulness 10 Weeks Course:

We approach our well-being in four sections which make the life comprehensive. Those four are physical well-being, mental well-being, social well-being and spiritual (spirit) well-being. Imbalance of any of such cause difficulties (catastrophes or suffering) in life and Advanced Mindfulness can certainly help to gain, retain and maintain the equilibrium and ecstasy of those four well-beings which we call full life. To gain, retain and maintain this, we need an exemplary and a resounding method to practice. That is Four Frames of Mindfulness. Each frame is equally very important to a deserved well-being.

These four frames include Body Mindfulness (it has six sections to advance properly in 6 sessions), Feeling Mindfulness (It has one section to advance in one session. This is also a very important section as we all are sensual and emotional being. However we would not reap the benefit of this section unless we go through the previous six body mindfulness sessions), Mindfulness of Mind (this has one session. We all agree how important to look after the mind. We elaborate secrets of mind to embrace the life happiness. However, many goes wrong by looking into this alone (as it is fascinating, mystical and magical) by not reasonably learning above 7 sections of body and feeling), and Life Science (phenomena) Mindfulness (This has 5 sessions but we deliver it in 4 lesions in this course. This is to gain and train a high stranded way of looking at life and world. High percentage of our life is governed by attitudes. We transcend any unhelpful attitudes through experiential and transcendental knowledge in these last sessions). Sounds Excellent but tough! Don’t worry! We give everyone a personal attention and help with lots of one to one support to digest this very easily. We will take the pain to make you take the gain!

This course enables further to strengthen the Mindful living more resonant way acquired from Introduction Course, securely refraining from falling back into or fade back into automatic pilot mode. Those who have being caught up in these life spirals and also have the ability and blissful privilege from our beginners course to realize the difference with mindful living, they surely don’t want ever to go back into such life style. This course ensures that skilful means by overcoming any unhelpful skills are easy to do in life if we make Mindfulness living but not mindless living as a natural thing in our life. For this we need time, accurate line of practice, moral support, enthusiasm, strength, like minded community and a good teacher, gradual and structural learning to unfold right well-being in holistic manner. This course has all those in one.  Join and see!