The children's Dhamma classes are conducted by the Milton Keynes Vihara Daham Pasala (meaning 'Dhamma School'), which was one of the founding activities of the vihrara community. Since it's inception, the Dhamma classes have developed from a monthly provision to a bi-weekly activity that enables children to attend online or in-person and learn about Buddhism and Buddhist culture. The Daham Pasala is registered as a supplementary school with Milton Keynes council.


Dhamma classes begin with children gathering together to offer flowers, lights and incense to the Buddha, and take refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha. As part of the this collective activity, children also observe the 5-precepts and pay homage to the Triple Gem.Next, there is a recap of the previous lesson by reviewing homework activities, before children move to a lesson that is tailored to suit their age group.Finally, the Dhamma classes end with the children coming together again to practice some meditation and chant the Metta Sutta.

Daham Pasala lessons cover a variety of topics, including key teaching of the Buddha, as well as the life of the Buddha.  

Additionally, children learn about important Buddhist values through stories, such as the Jataka stories. Children are encouraged to reflect on their learning and share this with their peers by producing short essays, drawing, or a video in which the present their ideas verbally and visually.

Daddabha Jataka by Sasmi
Story of Arrant Sariputta by Sanuki
Nandivisala Jataka by Kaveen