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Vesak Full Moon Poya Day Programme වෙසක් පෝය

May 19 @ 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

සැමට සම්මා සම්බුදු සරණයි!
Wishing All of Lord Buddha! 

Wishing You & All in Your Family A Happy Vesak Day Sambuddha Jayanthi!
ඔබටත් ඔබ පවුලේ සැමටත් උතුම් සම්බුදු තෙමගුල සිහිපත් කරණ පිංබර වෙසක් පොහෝ දිනයක් වේවා!

Sunday 19th May 2024
All are welcome to join From 8.30AM, 10AM, 3.30PM or 6PM

Veask is the highly blessed day when we celebrate the Birth, Enlightenment and Great Passing into Nibbana of our Lord Buddha. To mark this special event, the Vihara will be conducting the following programme of activities on Saturday 19th, May.

sukho buddhānam uppādo
Happy Blessing is The Birth of the Fully Awakened Ones (Lord Buddha)!

sukhā saddhammadesanā
Happy Blessing is teaching of the True Buddha Dhamma (truth)!

Let us join in celebrating on this thrice Blessed Vesak Full Moon Day or week or month by practicing daily at least few minutes Homage Chanting (Vandanā), Charity (Dāna), precepts (sīla) and cultivating the mind (samatha vipassanā Bhāvanā)!

මේ උතුම් වෙසක් පොහෝ දින හෝ සතිය හෝ මාසය තුල පිළිවෙත් පුරමු. ටික වේලාවක් හෝ දිනපතා බුද්ධ වන්දනාව, දාන, සීල, සමත විපස්සනා භාවනා, ගුණවඩා කුසල් රැස් කරමු.

We encourage everyone to decorate their houses with Vesak lanterns, offer flowers, incense and make special pooja at house shrines and chant protection suttas!

සෑම නිවසකම වෙසක් කූඩු වලින් සරසා බුදු මැදුර ආලෝකවත් කර මල් පහන් සුවද දුම් පුදා ආරක්ෂක සෙත් පිරිත් සජ්ජායනා කරමු!

To mark this special event, the Vihara will be conducting the following programme of activities on Sunday, 19 May.

Devotees are welcome to join in practising dhamma and sharing blessings for the whole day, or just for the afternoon programme including a Bodhi Pooja @ 6PM. Families where children wish to observe Sil can join from 10am onwards.

Please let us know how many adults and children from your family will observe Sil so that we can make arrangements for the dana accordingly.

Full Programme and More Details Please visit our website:

ඔබ සැමට තෙරුවන් සරණයි!




08:30 am – Observe 8 Precepts and Sinhala Dhamma talk
09:15 am – Meditation
09:45 am – Short break, children arrive
10:00 am – Children Observe 8 Precepts and English Dhamma Talk on significance of Wesak
10:45 am – Offering Sambuddha Puja + Lunchtime Dana
12:30 pm – Pirith Chanting
01:00 pm – English Dhamma Discussion for children / Sinhala Dhamma Discussion for adults
02:00 pm – Meditation
03:00 pm – Break
03:30 pm – English Dhamma Talk
04:30 pm – Seth Pirith, Punyanumodana and Close Sil Programme.

6PM Evening Special Bodhi Pooja






May 19
8:00 am - 7:00 pm


Milton Keynes Vihara


Vihara Premises
3, Aldrich Drive, Willen
Milton Keynes, MK15 9HP United Kingdom
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