About Us



1. We are all dedicated and committed...

We are all dedicated and committed to ensuring that Milton Keynes Vihara continues to thrive as a centre, accessible to all, providing a focal point in the local community for Mindfulness Meditation.

2. Even in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom...

Even in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom it is often that one forgets the interconnectedness of all humanity, irrespective of religion, ethnicity, gender, social status, sexual orientation, disability and many other divisions. We are therefore determined to learn about and appreciate the goodness within all faiths and teachings and thus appreciate the equality amongst all humanity and the need for tolerance and empathy with all beings that share our planet.

3. Loving kindness, Compassion...

Loving kindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy and Equanimity are primary aspirations in leading a morally pure life. The Dhamma classes conducted at the Vihara for children, based on these and other teachings of the Buddha we hope would provide a valuable starting point for the young mind in developing to the full potential of a benevolent human being.

4. Psychotherapy and counselling...

Psychotherapy and counselling based on the teachings of the Buddha has been shown to be highly effective in bringing about effective and lasting change in the attitudes, behaviour and outlook on life for those experiencing difficulties. Bhante Samitha is qualified and highly experienced in providing such help.