Practical Tools For Every Ux Designer

You can also read more about career outcomes for this exciting field. It’s worth having a look at the functionality of each app, as they cover different aspects of UX design, such as color coding, prototyping, and even software coding. Use these tips to evaluate your options and pick the tools that are best for the job.

  • A wireframe tool is an application that allows you to wireframe without having to draw it manually on paper.
  • It displays page-level layout concepts explaining behavior, functionality, and content priority.
  • Justinmind supports integration with tools like Adobe XD and Sketch for development and testing.
  • UX design tools assist teams in streamlining the design process and delivering high-quality experiences to the end-users.
  • Here in this article, we provided you with the factors you should notice when choosing a UX design tool.
  • Framer is an excellent tool for building high-fidelity prototypes.

Lucidchart also allows presenting the polished version of wireframes to the clients using presentation mode or the Google Slides integration. You can browse its template gallery to find a template suitable for your project. Designers do not have to engage in colors and graphics at the early stages, as wireframing allows you to focus on structure and content on the app and web page. With Balsamiq, one can quickly get rid of the bad ideas as they generate more novel ideas.

Best Wireframe Tools For Ux Designers

Adobe XD is a user interface design program for building product prototypes, mobile apps, and websites. It gives designers the tools they need to make completely functional prototypes, such as workflows, element creation, animation transitions, and other dynamic aspects. The main strength of Adobe XD is its perfect collaboration with other Adobe suites. The best UX happens at the confluence of well-laid plans and execution by quality designers – your software solution should enhance that. Utilizing the best tools and UX design apps for your particular project, team and goals makes the whole process that much easier.

Figma is a free cloud-based wireframe tool that you can use to visually communicate design ideas with the stakeholders and get feedback from them. Using the drag-and-drop feature, you can quickly design applications on its intuitive and expansive interface. From meetings to user testing to redesigning features, UX practitioners often have to juggle many different tasks of varying importance and scope. It can be extremely daunting and tedious to keep track of everything without a proper structure or to-do list. Thus, the next app we’re introducing is a simple yet versatile app that allows you to think, write and plan better. From note-taking apps to prototyping software, there are just so many products on the market that are focused on helping people work better.

It’s remarkably easy to use and loaded with lots of superb functions. Acquired by Atlassian in 2017, you’d be underestimating to think of it as Jira-lite. Don’t be fooled, it’s feature-packed, user-friendly and can make life a lot easier. Storyboard That is the only storyboard-specific app to make the list of online UX tools because it’s dedicated to that function and does it exceedingly well. The graphics are interesting and you can even add your own.

tools for UX Designer

The answer will assist you in determining which tool is best for the job. Brought to you by the makers of Lucidchart, trusted by millions of users worldwide, including 99% of the Fortune 500. Design at the speed of thought with their QuickAdd feature and keyboard shortcuts. Discover the exact moment in your tests where users struggle. Streamline your workflow with hundreds of plugins and integrations. Comment in-prototype for organized collaboration that keeps everyone on the same page.

Its intuitive drag-and-drop feature makes editing an easy task. Those looking for a tool to create rapid wireframe and UI planning should opt for Mockflow. This application has a flat learning curve, so beginners and non-technical users can learn it quickly.

Ready To Try These Ux Design Tools?

There’s also a feature called Handoff that gives developers all the HTML and CSS they need to begin building. has established itself as great software, capable of building hi-fi prototypes with little struggle. The learning curve isn’t a big one, so it’s perfect for beginners. You also don’t need code to begin building interfaces, as its own is a drag-and-drop. Figma uses a drag-and-drop interface to allow designers to build dynamic prototypes and mockups, test for usability, and sync up all of their progress.

Follow along and learn by watching, listening and practicing. For each template, Maze provides users with a set of question options that users can ask their testers. The platform even allows for collaborative boards with other members to add items and features a Google chrome extension for convenience. Sean is a Slickplan customer support specialist, social media manager, newly minted blogger and part-time trouble-maker at Slickplan.

Features you add to a website or app might be familiar to you as a designer but not to your clients from different backgrounds. With wireframing, you can communicate to them how certain features function on a website. However, it does not include colors, graphics, styles, and interactive elements. A wireframe tool is an application that allows you to wireframe without having to draw it manually on paper. Learning how to stay organised and productive is an important skill not frequently taught in UX design curriculum. Having an experienced UX design mentor and learning how they go about tackling their daily work is another useful way to improve in this aspect.

tools for UX Designer

You can say the same thing about user interface and user experience design. The greatest UX design tools provide the foundation for the best user experience. The UI components of UXPin empower the users to stay consistent across projects. They can create UX patterns and details, store these in libraries, and share them with all the team members. Balsamiq offers a wireframing tool that makes your web designing work fun.


Balsamiq is a rapid low-fi wireframing tool that makes it easy to sketch designs. Balsamiq was designed for simplicity and its intuitive interface is great for non-technical users. Sketch is a popular tool for designing prototypes, websites, and apps. The intuitive interface makes it easy to jump right in and start creating. Sketch is a lightweight wireframe platform with an incredible list of features. This cloud-based tool is also suitable for communication with stakeholders.

tools for UX Designer

Consider these 6 top UX design tools for your next design project. However, remember that these tools alone are insufficient to create an effective product. It would help if you considered other vital aspects like layout and design trends. Moreover, stakeholders can provide feedback by directly commenting or using in-editor chat.

Storyboard That Top Storyboard App

Here, you can visualize your user interface ideas and ensure all the stakeholders are on the same page. Especially if you have an entire team working on a single project, this platform will be helpful as it lets you create multiple designs in one project. You can open this web-based app on any platform, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. While many people can say otherwise, wireframe saves your time by helping you create calculated designs. Since the team clearly understands what they are creating, the development project becomes easier.

Ideate smarter not harder by creating reusable templates, masters, and customized symbols stored safely in your components library. Import/export data with Lucidchart to take your ideas to the next stage of design. Use the voting functionality to home in on key options and organize group thinking into actionable design plans. Use Symbols to create reusable components that update instantly across the whole design.

CuriousCore offers both a 2-day UX Design Course and a 4-month UX Career Accelerator for those keen on transitioning into the industry. The key selling point for many of these apps is how easy it is for someone to pick them up and integrate them into their current workflow. Simple interfaces and helpful guides ensure that anyone can learn how to use them.

Qualities Of A Good Ux Design Tool

If you want soundbites, there’s also a full library you can explore. Whether it’s sharing work, receiving feedback, or documenting changes, InVision can keep track of it. DG Studio is excited to share with the world the knowledge it has gained over the years of professional work in the digital marketing space. We offer this information free of charge to all those wanting to make an impact online with their brand. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Easily share and present your wireframes on the web with exports to PNG and interactive PDFs. Use sticky notes and the freehand drawing tool to explore your design ideas on Lucidspark’s infinite canvas. Record previews to easily present designs and share with stakeholders. Here are some of the tools and services to help your business grow.

Usually free can mean “eh” but this is one of those rare exceptions, one of the online UX tools you really don’t want to skip because it can be so dang beneficial. In a world growing more reliant on mobile by the minute, UX/UI design software can only be made better when it has more data to work with. Abtin Bahramian is a game programmer who now concentrates on the web content area. Abtin loves to write beautiful content about digital marketing strategies. But, while not writing, he is probably learning some other languages, playing guitar, having fun with his friends, or most likely making video games.

Kickstart Your Career In Ux Design

Admittedly it can be pricey and not feasible for some users but if you can afford it, it’s worth it for the sheer range of opinions and different viewpoints. They have sort of a carnival ticket-style system setup for billing. You buy BirdCoins at a certain rate and the various tests are billed in a number of coins. They include a set number of users and parameters and the pricing is pretty direct once you get the hang of it.

Its contextual feed feature lets your colleagues drop comments directly on your wireframes for instant feedback. One may choose from its extensive collection of UI templates to kickstart wireframing and then customize it for their projects, such as eCommerce. Designers can also utilize pre-made UI elements through the drag-and-drop feature to create a wireframe conveniently. Designers can also convert wireframes into engaging presentations using the same platform that offers features like adding effects and creating slide layouts. Its revision history attribute is ideal for tracking all the changes made to the wireframe design. To get the ball rolling you need to understand your audience.

Make Product Designing A Teamwork

Figma is a cloud-based solution that enables real-time collaboration and co-editing on the same document by several people. Adobe XD is very feature-rich and since it’s Adobe it offers an exceptional design interface . It’s one of the best UX design apps available because of the sheer number of tasks it can tackle. There are integrations galore and even though we mentioned a steep learning curve, they do offer some seriously world-class tutorials for their products. Now that we’ve gone over a few of the best UX design tools, are you ready to get started? At DG Studio our favorite tool is Adobe XD. We use it to wireframe and create working website prototypes.

They also have a few user personas available as templates to get you started. We would be remiss to leave this off of our list of amazing UI/UX design tools. Apptentive is focused exclusively on the betterment of mobile design and functionality. With a mind-blowing percentage of traffic coming from mobile devices (over 50%), it‘s a must-have for your user data needs. Streamline your product design process with MockFlow as it provides tools from UI research and all the way to design validation.

It is a low-fidelity UI wireframing application where you can experience drawing on a whiteboard or notepad but with a computer. Some of its top features include drag-and-drop edit, What is UX designer template creation, reusable component library, etc. The tool also has the auto layout element that you can stretch vertically or horizontally to create a responsive design.

If you’re in a larger production or design situation seeking Agile UX functionality, this is likely the better option for your team, but both can still be used. In terms of continuity and keeping things on schedule, this is the crème de la crème of UI/UX design tools for this purpose. You don’t need integrations from both sides though; one is enough. To be specific, the Business/Team Edition is a great choice. The big item we like here from a UX perspective is user personas.

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